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11 Brick Wall – Original Painting


The Original Painting 11 Brick Wall  is of a corner of a building on High Street, Buckingham. The painting is signed and framed in white painted wood, with a double mount off white on top of black mount. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

About the Picture
Brick Wall is the Eleventh of the original 4950 Paintings. A Series created by Cathy Read in 2018 as part of a challenge to create 50 paintings of architectural details on buildings in Buckingham and surrounding villages. No building was used twice and no feature repeated unless there was a distinguishing characteristic of the feature. Cathy Read retains all copyrights as the artist, and this artwork cannot be reproduced without written consent from Cathy Read.

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11 Brick Wall – Original Painting

About the Image:

Brick walls, simple structures with so much character. Especially ealy brickwork which has been allowed to age for years, in this case decades, maybe even centuries. There’s something comforting and solid about brickwork. Associations with fires or houses from our past perhaps. There’s nothing special about a brick wall, except where it is. And where it is can be very important.

Creation: The image is created using masking fluid, then painted with a watercolour wash and covered with clingfilm. Once this is removed the picture is further developed using acrylic inks and building up layers, which are left to dry before the masking is removed to reveal the final picture.


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