Cathy Read

Painting of Big Ben, the clock towers and the Houses of Paliament - ©2018- Cathy Read - 61 x 61cm Watercolour and acrylic ink
Big Ben – Cathy Read – ©2018 –  61 x 61cm  – £1018

My paintings are snapshots, I look for contrasts where they occur: such as new buildings, with clean shapes and lines, alongside old decaying ones; or geometric architecture softened by nature over time

Buildings reflect the dreams of the people who create them. By using an abstract technique I capture that dreamlike quality. The masking fluid creates a linear structure which holds together the fluid and energetic paint and ink shapes. The ink, especially, allows mini explosions of colour which evolve during the drying process.

Painting of people passing Manchester Central Library on their wy homeHeading-home-by-the-Library-Cathy-Read-42.5-x-59-cm-£654-©2018
Heading home by the Library – Cathy Read -©2018 – 42.5-x-59-cm – £654



Artist and Illustrators Prizewinner


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