Contemporary Architecture Artist

Contemporary artist Cathy Read draws with masking fluid, creating urban landscape paintings that reflect city life in all it’s glory. From ground breaking designs of cutting edge architecture to decaying remnants of a glorious past – each is lovingly embraced in detailed images. Using vibrant watercolour and acrylic ink colours, Cathy conveys the mundane and ordinary beside the glorious and spectacular. Her distinctive paintings depict geometric shapes and inherent architectural patterns in a free, expressive style, bringing the city to life. These paintings draw inspiration from Cathy’s time spent in London and other major cities, including Manchester and Oxford.

Picture of Cathy Read at the installation of Bahlsen Commission-digital image ©2018 - Cathy Read -
Cathy Read at the installation of Bahlsen Commission paintings
©2018 - Cathy Read - Bahlsen Hannover Stammhaus - Watercolour and Acrylic - 80 x 130 Painting of Stammhaus, Hanover
BAHLSEN HEADQUARTERS Stammhaus, Hanover Germany by Cathy Read ©2018