Appearance on Landscape Artist of the Year

Cathy Read appearing in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year in 2016. At ease on the camera, here she is explaining her technique to Frank Skinner.

Repeating the experience the following year as a wildcard, proved to be a soggy encounter with a windy clifftop in Wales.

“I paint with Watercolour, it could be a disaster”

Interviewed by Frank Skinner on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. Storyvault Films
Cathy Read at the installation of Bahlsen Commission paintings

Contemporary Architecture Artist

Contemporary artist Cathy Read draws with masking fluid, creating urban landscape paintings that reflect city life in all it’s glory. From the ground breaking designs of cutting edge architecture to the decaying remnants of a glorious past.  Each lovingly embraced in images full of detail.

Using vibrant colours of watercolour and acrylic ink, she conveys the mundane and the ordinary next to the glorious and spectacular. Cathy’s distinctive paintings depict geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture in a free, expressive style, where she brings the city to life.

Cathy draws inspiration for these paintings from time spent in London and other major cities, such as Manchester and Oxford.

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