Painting of Big Ben, the clock towers and the Houses of Paliament - ©2018- Cathy Read - 61 x 61cm Watercolour and acrylic ink

Big Ben

Inspired by Big Ben, Cathy Read’s Painting and Poem of the same name. Hear the rhythm of the chime in the words.
The ultimate iconic symbol of London.
Feels ancient, but it’s surprisingly new, for historic architecture that is.
Vibes of stability, reliability and ability.

The passage of time marks the timepiece.

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Cathy Read - Artist - Railway Bridges at Castlefield Painting

I want it all! – Painting Railway Bridges at Castlefield

Life is full of so much that it’s easy to be seduced by the idea of doing everything. The pursuit of shiny objects is fun, but ultimately distracting.

Art begs you to slow down and appreciate a single moment frozen in time. Some locations have so many stories to tell. Looking at the landmarks, you wonder what happened here and what was it like in days of yore. Castlefields Canal and the railway bridges that run over it, could tell many a tale, if they could speak.

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