Meditations on Paintings

Contemporary watercolour and acrylic ink painting of Westminster Bridge & lively cityscape by Cathy Read.

Impressions of Westminster Bridge

Cathy Read’s painting, ‘Westminster Bridge – Impressions of Westminster’ had a working title of ‘Westminster Bridge’: descriptive, safe, and boring.  Although dissatisfied with it, nothing better came to Cathy’s mind. But as she meditated on the painting more deeply, ‘Impressions of Westminster’ came to her. A suitable name when considering one of London’s more contentious …

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Painting of Stevenson Square with the graffitiBees - 50 x 40cm ©2019 Cathy Read

Stevenson Square Bees.

STEVENSON SQUARE BEES Stevenson Square Bees. The humble worker bee is a famous Manchester symbol and city emblem spanning over 150 years.  In the 18th and 19th Centuries, Manchester was at the Industrial Revolution’s very heart – colloquially known as “Cottonopolis” because of the vast cotton fabric production. The Mancunian factories were sometimes referred to …

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