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45 Pipework – Original Painting


Pipework is the Forty fifth of the 4950 Paintings. The image is of pipework at the back of a building on Fleece Yard in Buckingham, looking back to Market Hill. The painting is signed on the back and framed in white painted wood, with a double mount off white on top of black mount. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

About the Picture
Pipework is the Forty fifth of the 4950 Challenge. A Series created in 2018 as part of a challenge to create 50 paintings of architectural details on buildings in Buckingham and surrounding villages. No building was used twice and no feature repeated unless there was a distinguishing characteristic of the feature.

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45 Pipework

A narrow strip of turquoise sky across the top is the first of many colours in this painting of pipes. Below a collection of purples and pinks laid in stripes suggest the slated roof. A patch of white and blue defines a window and painted boarding. The curve of the roof as it leads to the black gutter just obscures the boards. Below the gutter is some black pipework. A series of downpipes, drainpipes, gutters and connections mere to form a spider like mass. The pipes are black, but the colours have seeped out or been lost in the painting. I try not to fill in these details, unless absolutely necessary. The “imperfections” are part of the charm. Dark colours fade into pale, muddy ochres and greens as you follow the pipes downwards.

Deep reds, browns and black make up the the rest of the piece, defining walls and the chimney in the top right, Well defining might be too strong a word for it. Gently suggesting is more accurate.

There’s another window below the angled gutter on the right. Painted white, its windows are deep, blue recesses that give no hint at what lies inside. More fuel for the imagination.

And where are these pipes? On Fleece yard looking back towards Market Hill.


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