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When Dreams Take Shape

When Dreams Take Shape was a curated collection of art by Cathy Read which reflected the various dreams realised by mankind.

October 2022​

Exhibition of art by Cathy Read's 4950 Painting Series Exhibition poster


In January 2018 I set myself a challenge to create 50 paintings in a year. All the paintings are/will be 49 sq inches and are of architecture details. All the paintings will be 7″ x 7″ – that’s 49 square inches. Hence the title 49 50. I kept them small intentionally, with the focus on architectural aspects or details allowing me to bring out the details in the same way I can in my larger paintings.

April 2019

Take a Trip to Marylebone Exhibition at The Stables Claydon Courtyard

Take a Trip to Marylebone

The exhibition showcases London’s streets with a contemporary focus but this isn’t just a visual delight, It’s also an auditory experience with the artist herself guiding you on the tour of her work. The word unique is overused but, if you are looking for a new perspective, it’s here.

October 2018

From Morning Til Night at Tate Modern 3rd September 2011. Commissioned participant in a Conceptual Art Performance Piece by Katarina Seda

Solo Exhibitions

April 2019 – 4950 Exhibition – Buckingham

October 2018 – Take a Trip to Marylebone

When Exhibition visitors coordinate with the exhibits, take 3 - ©2018 - Cathy Read - Digital image
Take a Trip to Marylebone Exhibition – ©2018 – Cathy Read

July-Sept 2017 – London Calling- Henley

Oct-Nov 2013 – 99% London- Woodstock

October 2013 – Jan 2014 – A Tale of Two Cities, Buckingham

Nov 2013-Mar 2014 – The Milton Keynes Project
Milton Keynes

June-July 2012 – Project Space, Milton Keynes

2011 – Linacre College, Oxford

2011 –Bucks Open Studios

Two Man exhibitions

June 2015 – Bucks Open Studios with Alexandra Buckle

June 2014 – Bucks Open Studios with Alexandra Buckle

July 2013 – Shack to City – with Sally Brooks

June 2013 – When Urban meets Country – with Alexandra Buckle

June 2014 – Bucks Open Studios – with Alexandra Buckle

Group Exhibitions

May-June 2018 – Sense of Place – Claydon Gallery

June 2018 – Bucks Art Weeks – Claydon Gallery

June 2015 – Society of Women Artists 154th Exhibition Mall Galleries, London

June 2015 Green Dragon Eco Centre

May 2015 – Reading Art Fair

October 2014 – Love Art Fair

Nov 2014 – Perspectives on an English Landscape – Banbury

Nov 2014 – Windsor Art Fair

 Nov 2014 – Buckinghamshire Art Society Autumn Exhibition  – Aylesbury

June/July 2014 – Society of Women Artists – 153 SWA Exhibition

March 2014 – Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Exhibition -Bankside

 November 2013 – Contrasts Buckingham

June/July 2013 – Society of Women Artists – 152  SWA Exhibition

April – May 2013- The Wheel Spring Exhibition

May/June 2013 – West Ox Arts

May 2013 – Bafa at the Woolpack

May 2013 – Bucks Art Society

Mar/Apr 2013 Tingewick Art Show

Sept 2012 – Mar 2013 Manchester in Art

Nov 2012-Jan 2013 –The Wheel Christmas showcase – Banbury

10-11th November 2012Bafa Weather and Dreams Exhibition – Buckingham

27th October-4th November 2012Art in Woodstock

20th-28th October, 2012 – Bucks Art Society Autumn Exhibition

5 September- November 2012 – Artistsmeet Rickmansworth, WD3 1EH

26th July – November 2012 – Student Keys Buckingham. (Part of Buckingham Art Trail)

15-17th June, Bafa at the Woolpack – Group Exhibition

3rd – 28th April 2012 -The Wheel Spring Showcase, The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury

6th-15th April 2012 – Mouvaux, Nr Lille, France

3rd – 29th April 2012 – Starting Block – Oxon Artweeks Exhibition- The Jam Factory, Oxford (1 piece)

12-20th May, 2012Nomads Group Exhibition Oxford – Oxford Artweeks

29th November 2011 – 9th January 2012 – The Winter Show at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury

2010-2011 Chiltern Open Air Museum

Nov 2011 Beaconsfield Art Fair

2011 “Light”- Bafa Exhibition, Akeley, Bucks

Oct 2011  Contemporary Art Fair, Rudolf Steiner School’s , Kings Langley

May -June, 2011 – Oxfordshire art weeks The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, Oxford.  Venue 239

May-June 2011 –Tourist Information Centre, Castle Quays, Banbury

Buckingham Art Trail – Canvas from April 2011

Easter 2011 Bafa Stowe School  Stowe House, Buckinghamshire

2011 Face of the Artist   Banbury Town Hall

2011 Brooklyn Art Library – Sketchbook Project

November 2010-April 2011 Buckingham Art Trail – Dragon Gallery

November 2010 – January 2011 The Wheel Christmas Exhibition – Mill Arts Centre, Banbury –

November 2010 – January 2011 – “Winter Wonders” Obsidian Art Aylesbury

November 2010 Beaconsfield Art Fair

November, 2010 Inspired by a Poem (group exhibition) 

Oct 2010 Buckingham Art Trail

Sept 2010 – John Lewis High Wycombe

August, 2010 Ginny Gray Gallery  Buckingham. Featured artist

Bafa Gallery – Art Trail various locations in Buckingham

Art Fairs

November 2012 – Beaconsfield Art Fair

November 2012 – Aylesbury Art and Craft Fair

May 2011 Beaconsfield Art Fair  -My painting Lily featured in the invite

September, 2011 -Eclectics Art Fair Milton Keynes

September, 2011 – Northampton Art Fair


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