The story behind the painting

Contemporary watercolour and acrylic ink painting of Westminster Bridge & lively cityscape by Cathy Read.

Impressions of Westminster Bridge

Cathy Read’s painting, ‘Westminster Bridge – Impressions of Westminster’ had a working title of ‘Westminster Bridge’: descriptive, safe, and boring.  Although dissatisfied with it, nothing better came to Cathy’s mind. But as she meditated on the painting more deeply, ‘Impressions of Westminster’ came to her. A suitable name when considering one of London’s more contentious

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Painting of Albert Square in Manchester with the Town Hall and trees in the foreground. People wandering aroundAlbert-Square-Cathy-Read- 50x40cm-SOLD-©2018

Albert Square- see a painting through Artist Meditations

Artist Meditations on a painting I’m often asked about the stories behind my paintings. I’ve recently begun a practice of meditating on my art and writing down my thoughts. These are those thoughts edited slightly. Beginning with Albert Square. Colour takes on life of its own with this painting. Colours leech out of the constraints,

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