Metropolitan Inspired Contemporary Art

Cathy Read

Painting of architecture in Gracechurch Street in London with clock face

Gracechurch-Street-Watercolour-and-Acrylic-ink – ©2017- Cathy Read – £550

My paintings are snapshots, I look for contrasts where they occur: such as new buildings, with clean shapes and lines, alongside old decaying ones; or geometric architecture softened by nature over time

Buildings reflect the dreams of the people who create them. By using an abstract technique I capture that dreamlike quality. The masking fluid creates a linear structure which holds together the fluid and energetic paint and ink shapes. The ink, especially, allows mini explosions of colour which evolve during the drying process.

With these paintings I am looking for perspectives that convey the scale of the buildings. That sense of Awe at their sheer size. By experimenting with angles, foreshortening and shapes, I seek the essence of the vision behind their creation and that childhood sense of looming where the building feels like it will topple on you.


Painting of Manchester-Central-Library-watecolour-and-acrylic-ink

Manchester-Central-Library-watecolour-and-acrylic-ink ©2017- Cathy Read – £550

Drawing with masking fluid enables contemporary artist Cathy Read to reflect city life in all it’s glory in her urban landscape paintings.

From ground breaking designs of cutting edge architecture to the decaying remnants of a glorious past, you can see them all lovingly embraced in her watercolour and acrylic ink paintings. Utilising the vibrant colours of the media to convey the mundane and the ordinary next to the glorious and spectacular. See how Cathy’s distinctive paintings depict the geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture in a free, expressive style. Drawing inspiration for the paintings from time spent in London and other major cities, such as Manchester and Oxford. Watch how the city is brought to life.Cathy S R Read

Cathy Read is self taught, her earlier paintings were predominantly circle based abstracts but then developed into urban landscapes fueled by a lifelong interest in buildings. This evolution was only natural following a childhood dominated by the giant mills of the Cotton industry in the North. Cathy’s artwork is shown around the UK, Europe, and is in collections as far afield as Canada and Africa. Commissioned by Oxford University Press, her work illustrates the 2016 Oxford Almanack. The original painting is now in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Cathy Read is a member of the Society of Women Artists exhibiting with them in London since 2013. She received the Barbara Tate Memorial Award in 2015. Cathy has also shown with the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour in London.



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