Painting of a woman in Trafalgar Square with a brolly with pictures of London on it. And lion sculpture

London Brolly

Crossing Trafalgar Square on a grey rainy day is a woman with an umbrella – a London brolly. She is lost in thought with a faraway look in her eyes and oblivious to the crowds around.  There are people everywhere in one of the capitals favourite meeting places. Is she a visitor? Or a tourist? Or a Londoner? It is hard to tell without hearing her voice.

Iconic Images on a London Brolly

London is about 2,000 years old – founded and originally called Londinium by the Romans. Over the course of historic centuries, London could not but help develop unique images that are immediately recognizable across the globe.  This scene’s setting is overflowing with iconic London images – the Lions, Big Ben, part of Nelson’s Column and the square itself. And as if that were not enough, London pictures decorate the brolly panels: two buses, Westminster Bridge, Portcullis House, two more bright red buses – the only colour in the grey image.  One can count 10 buses, or parts of them, all on one little umbrella. The woman is centre stage in her check shirt with just a hint of her rainbow rucksack visible.

The tiny people in the distance meander around taking in the scene, gathering in groups, planning routes. The lion lies patiently guarding his domain, regal and serene.  Ready to pounce if required, but not anticipating the need for a while. His plinth – an ornately carved ochre sandstone block. 

Imagine the sound of rain on Cathy’s studio skylight as she writes, adding ambience to the scene.

 It is hard not to notice rain on a tin roof and the added gloom, created by the clouds makes it hard to see. The painting may be a grey scene, but it is far from dull.  Much of it’s a sunny yellow ochre. Bright red buses and the boy’s cap add a welcome hint of warmth. Warm browns and deep blues create shadows, with electric blue and white highlights everywhere.

Judging by those around her, the rain has stopped. But the woman keeps her brolly up. Does she even realise it has stopped? As she continues her journey to discover more London images, maybe she will.

Painting of a woman in Trafalgar Square with a brolly with pictures of London on it. And lion sculpture

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