Time to get off the Fence – Why I’m hosting an Outdoor Art Exhibition

Sometimes you have to take risks. Do something different, because there’s no alternative. Your usual options have been closed off for you. I think we all recognise this feeling, especially with lockdown. And the complete change in our way of life, that’s happened as a result. Like everyone else, My world was tipped upside down in March, 2020. The precise date may be different for you, but the results will be the same.

All I had planned went out the window. I spent the first month in shock. Everything would be back to normal in a month or so, it was no biggie. Or so I thought. As time went on, and more events were cancelled, it became apparent things were going to stay like this for a while.

The only solution was to get creative, to find an alternative to exhibitions. Online, obviously, I’ve started creating videos and sharing them with a group of artists in the US. It’s been an experience, but not the same as seeing art though. The size and scope of a piece is lost when it’s viewed on a monitor that does not change size, no matter how big the painting is.

Something imaginative was required. In discussion with other artists in the US, I heard that some were holding art in the garden events. That wasn’t an option for me, as I have no garden at my studio. But it got me thinking.

An Outdoor Art Exhibition

I do have a fence, a very long fence, which is fairly plain. The Art on the fence concept was born. Of course there’s a lot more to it. And there were and are a number of practical considerations to iron out. Effective hanging logistics of getting them out on the day before and be set up in time. This was my trial. 11 paintings covered part of the fence. It took me about 2 hours, and I learned a lot.

Art on the Fence ©2020 - Cathy Read
Art on the Fence ©2020 – Cathy Read

The trial went well, apart from the time, so now I’m gearing up to taking over the fence. I needed more chains and hooks, but the paintings aren’t an issue. Plus, I’ll be starting earlier.

I’ve a few more days to sort out the event. Will it work? I hope so. It’s happening this weekend, so why not come along and find out? Entry is free but you need to book tickets so I can keep numbers safe. And, if you’re too far away, you can always join me on Zoom.

Click on the image for full details.

Art on the Fence Poster -Cathy Read Art
Art on the Fence Poster -Cathy Read Art
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