New work – the completed experiment

So, on Wednesday I shared an experimental work in progress.

Here’s the result.

Fenchurch Street, the New Kid on the Block by Cathy S R Read
Fenchurch Street, the New Kid on the Block

The verdict is… I don’t like it!

Visually I like the effect but I found the surface very fragile and I’ve had the familiar drying problem. Cleaning up resulting in ink smudges as well as scratches where I’ve tried to remove the salt. I’ve even had to use white ink on it to touch it up. (Oh the horrors!)

So I’ll try the paper glued onto the board next.

And I’ll hail a taxi to do it!

You’ll have to wait until Wednesday for that to make sense.


4 thoughts on “New work – the completed experiment”

    1. Thanks Steve. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to change my style, just figure out how best to work larger. Experiment number 2 is looking good… Cathy

  1. It’s a great picture, shame the experiment didn’t work. I hope experiment 2 works or there’s another solution which will reveal itself soon 🙂

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