Painting of a street light outside the Houses of Parlaiment. Part of Big BenGlobe Light - ©2017 - Cathy Read - 55 x 75cm

Meditating on Art – Globe light Painting

Globe light Painting Reflections

The first thing you noticed is the patch of yellow orange at the top of the light.

The Globe light is one of those outside the Houses of Parliament. Large globes of intricate iron work, delicate yet solid and with a capacity to bring light. But, a light is only useful when it’s lit, the rest of the time it’s in the way.

The globe appears distorted on the right, a trick of perspective perhaps. That’s how it came out, and yes, I checked the angles. The left-hand side is more controlled and structured. To the right-is Elizabeth Tower. The clock and her crowning glory are out of sight.  In the bottom corner lurks Portcullis House.

But this is the Globe light Painting – The lamp takes centre stage.
I find lights fascinating. I’ve a childlike curiousity about how they work. How they look and operate. This one is no different, other than grander than most.
Light powers our lives, especially during the winter months. With light, things are clear and possible. Positive even. Without light who knows? We talk about dark nights of the soul for good reason. We need light to function, yet it’s so basic, we take it for granted, until it fails. The globe light painting with its brilliant yellow patch, shouts out against a backdrop of muted colours, indigo blue and brown.

Light allows us to see the colour in the world. Even the greys and dark colours would be nothing without a little light. Without light there are no reflections, and I love reflections. How can things shine if they don’t reflect light.

Curious to see more London Paintings?

Listen to the audio and spend some time looking at the colours before you move on.

Painting of a street light outside the Houses of Parlaiment. Part of Big BenGlobe Light - ©2017 - Cathy Read - 55 x 75cm
Globe Light - ©2017 - Cathy Read - 55 x 75cm

Globe Light is one of my London Paintings.

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