Masking Tips – More on stopping paper tears

More ways to stop the paper tears and also the tears!

So what else can you do to prevent tearing the paper when you remove masking?

Keep it dry!

Begin Dry

Before you start applying masking fluid, make sure the paper is dry. Most people get this bit right.


©2015 - Cathy Read - masking with a ruling pen - digital image
©2015 – Cathy Read – masking with a ruling pen – digital image

End dry

Before you remove masking fluid, make sure your painting has dried out completely! This is usually where people struggle, they can’t wait to pull of the masking and see the result. I know, I’ve done it myself. I also know it’s not worth it.

In other words, sit on your hands and do nothing until it is completely dry. At least a few hours, or, better still, leave it over night like I do.

©2015 - Cathy Read - masking removal - digital image
©2015 – Cathy Read – masking removal – digital image

I know how tempting it can be to dive in and pull the masking off, but trust me, you’ll thank me!

So remember

Begin dry + End dry = Happy Artist

More Masking tips to follow soon.

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