Masking Tip – what to do about the gunk

Does your bottle of masking fluid look solid at the top?

Or maybe you have stringy bits like this?

Masking fluid build up on cap
Masking fluid build up on cap

Today’s masking tip is how to handle the gunk.

If you have worked with masking fluid for any length of time, or even just bought a bottle and left it on the shelf for too long,

Then you know that a revolting, sticky mess like this

Clump in masking fluid
Clump in masking fluid

Causes problems…

A combination of elastic with wet and messy.

Sticky, clumps of gloop that lurk unseen in the bottle and attach to your ruling pen*, unnoticed. These clumps pounce when you try to apply the fluid. The result is a splat larger than you intended and it’s not a pretty sight.

*(Or brush if you haven’t read my first tip)

Sound familiar? My masking tip is simply  remove it.

Use a stick or the handle of a paintbrush – unvarnished/unpainted ones are best but painted ones work so long as the paint isn’t flaking off.

Stick the handle into the bottle of masking fluid and swirl it around. Carefully remove the sticky clump and wipe the handle on tissue. Repeat until the bottle is clear of stingy clumps.

Cleaning up masking fluid bottle
Cleaning up masking fluid bottle

Your masking fluid is now ready to use!

Obviously, this will only work if there is some liquid masking fluid left! Otherwise, you’ve just cleaned out the bottle.

If you’ve found this tip useful then please share it with a friend.

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More Masking tips to follow soon.


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