Masking Tips – Dilute to taste

Did you know you can add water to masking fluid?

A common problem raised about masking fluid is that it doesn’t flow well and is too thick or sticky. By adding water, to adjust the consistency of the masking fluid, you can improve its flow and consequently, control it better.

The trick is to add the right amount.

Too little and it’s still a sticky mess, too much and it’s ineffective as masking and difficult to remove. It is easy to add too much water and ruin an entire bottle so I always pour a small amount into a small well paint palette, like below.

©2015 Cathy Read - Paint well with masking fluid - Digital image
©2015 Cathy Read – Paint well with masking fluid

I use a spray bottle to add the water.

The latter is a personal preference,  an eye dropper would also work.

Something like single cream consistency works well. It should fill the gap between the tips of the ruling pen, but not form a thick layer on the outside.

Ruling pen with masking fluid.
Ruling pen with masking fluid.

Try it and let me know how you get along?

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More Masking tips to follow soon.

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