©2009 Cathy Read - Mine's a red - 35x25cm Mixed Media on paper

Let art inspire a room makeover- The story of a purple vase

Ever buy something and then get home and realise it doesn’t go anywhere?

You know how it is, you find something you adore and perhaps spend more than you ought, only to find it doesn’t quite fit in with what you’ve already got. Don’t Panic, all may not be lost! Let the art inspire a room makeover.

©2009 Cathy Read - Mine's a red - 35x25cm Mixed Media on paper
©2009 Cathy Read – Mine’s a red – 35x25cm Mixed Media on paper

Let art inspire a room and you create something new and exciting.

Let me tell you about a gentleman I encountered at an Art Fair a few years ago. We were discussing how people often buy art so that it fits in a room. He agreed then recalled an impulse buy he’d made a few years earlier. A purple vase, a particularly beautiful purple vase he couldn’t resist. He bought it and took it home and as soon as he started to unwrap it he began to regret his impulsiveness. It clashed with the room. It was modern, the rest of the decor was more classic. The colours jarred. He was almost resigned to hiding it away in a cupboard but he looked at it again and was seduced by its beauty. It was an expensive piece.

Maybe he could make this work?

The room was overdue for painting and he was already planning to redecorate in a more neutral colour.

So, after clearing the room, he painted it as planned. Then, choosing one of the colours in the vase, he got matching paint and created a feature wall. Next he looked at the furniture he had and only brought in pieces back into the room that he knew would work with the new scheme. He was surprised to find that some of the furniture he’d had in the room worked well once he’d separated them from the pieces which obviously clashed.

He bought some soft furnishings to fit and finally was able to display his new vase in pride of place. The room was transformed and is now his favourite place to be when he’s home. Previously he used the room only when necessary but never lingered once he’d finished his paperwork. Now he wanted to stay in there and enjoy the ambience.

Advantages when you let art inspire a room.

  1. You will probably end up with something more adventurous that you would have without it.
  2. You know you like the art. Consider what most appeals to you about the piece? You don’t have to mirror just the colours, you can also use textures and materials, such as stone, to reflect the art in other areas of the room
  3. If you like the colours in the art, you will like the colours of the room, although you may need to be careful to get the right balance. There is a whole world of colour theory out there. If you’re not sure seek professional advice from an Interior designer, Who will probably suggest you find pieces you love to help them with the process. If you choose a colour go for one or two at most. Feature walls are a great way to add some colour without overdoing it.
  4. If you like the bright colours in the painting, but don’t want everything bright in the room, remember white and neutral colours won’t clash with anything and will lend an air of sophistication.
  5. You can always use the colour in soft furnishings so they can be easily changed if you can’t live with them.
  6. You might not need to do as much as you initially think. You may well already have many of the things you need to make a new room work. We are often drawn to similar things. Chances are there will be things in other items you own that work with the new piece.

Got any stories of art inspired transformations?

I’d love to hear them!





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