Cathy Read - Artist - Heading Home Past Central Library Library Painting

Heading Home past Central Library

We’re standing near the Midland hotel and looking across the road to Central Library and St. Peter’s Square in the distance. It’s after 5pm and commuters are beginning that journey home. A number cross the road, taking advantage of the many light controlled crossings and enjoying that feeling of relief that the day’s work is done. Or maybe they’re still pondering the issues of the day? Some will be heading home. Others might have errands to complete first, and still others may have more exciting plans for the night.

We’re in the heart of Manchester, a city with a cornucopia of delights to entertain, amuse, and nourish the soul intent on revelry.

Central Library is a familiar landmark, although not as ancient as it appears, being constructed in the 1930s. It’s still a grand old dame and worthy of attention. One Piccadilly is just visible in the distance. With its distinctive cutaway walls, it reminds me of lacework or carved screens in mediaeval churches.

A line of trees forms a green belt, which virtually crosses the painting. A small gap draws the eye to a solitary traffic light pole. Tiny figures amble around oblivious to their environment. Now is not the time to take in the sights, Homeward Bound past Central Library.

Will the tram be there?

Have I got time to pop to the shops and make the bus?

People living their ordinary lives, enjoying an ordinary day and thinking of home.

Cathy Read - Artist - Heading Home Past Central Library Library Painting

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