#GherkinPainting Painting of the #Gherkin in London #Interior #Entrance©2014 - Cathy Read - Gherkin Abstract- Watercolour and Acrylic on canvas - 102 x 81cm - £1500 Unframed

Gherkin Abstract Finished at last

Finally I can reveal my latest Gherkin Abstract!

It’s taken a little longer than planned but I’ve finally finished the work in progress I started last week. After a hectic but thoroughly enjoyable weekend followed by far too much paperwork I’ve been able to finish a painting!

I’ve taken a more abstract view of the Gherkin. I’m still working on the title so as yet it’s “untitled number whatever I’m up to now”. Although as I write this I’ve a strong urge to call it “The eyes have it” Those circles are the lights but they’re looking distinctly eye like to me and more than a little bit creepy. Am I going mad? On second thoughts, please don’t answer that.

©2014 - Cathy Read - Gherkin Abstract - Watercolour and Acrylic - 102 x 81cm
©2014 – Cathy Read – New Artwork untitled – Watercolour and Acrylic – 102 x 81cm

Do you see what I mean?

It’s purely coincidence mind you. I was keen to take it more abstract for this one.

Now, what shall I call it? Gherkin Abstract or The Eyes have it?

You can see other Gherkin paintings in my London Paintings.

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