Cathy Read - Artist - Cruisin the North Bank painting

Cruisin’ the North Bank – Artist’s Meditation on a Contemporary Painting

Cruising the North bank, on a cold October day, we’re strolling down the north bank towards Southwark bridge. The sun is just emerging from behind the clouds, catching the puddles with its light. The pavement is more like a series of islands separated by stretches of sea than solid paving. A recent heavy downpour of rain caused the scene.

The air is fresh and people are emerging from shelter, casting off waterproof coats and taking down umbrellas. Well they are in my mind’s eye, in my memory of the event. Enter the chap in the jacket, with his hands in his pockets. Cap on, earbuds in, and laconically scooting along on a skateboard. Could he be any more chilled?

Moving on from our chilled skateboarder, we have more figures ambling along, on foot. Strolling the wet stones and appreciating the break in the weather.

I see four figures; the lady with the pink bunny backpack, two guys in jackets who seemed to be together. Far Left is a figure in green looking out to the Thames. I wonder what they’re seeing?

Even more left, we can make out the river Thames in a few patches and an arch of Southwark Bridge,  spanning from behind grand lampposts and disappearing into dense foliage. One thing that often surprises me about London, is how many trees and parks there are. It’s a delight to see nature embraced in such a densely populated area. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll. I did say it was a Sunday, didn’t I?

Cathy Read - Artist - Cruisin the North Bank painting
Cruisin the North Bank - ©2023 - Cathy Read - Watercolour and Acrylic - 45.5 x 61cm

Now, it’s your turn where would you go from here? Which one of these people would you like to switch places with or what would you be up to, if you were here?

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