Painting of Chelsea Bridge

Chelsea Bridge, a Class Divide?

Chelsea bridge spans the Thames.

Is there anything as devisive as a  bridge? Or maybe they’re a means of joining two halves together. It’s not always possible to determine which since Bridges can be seen in two ways.

Bridges connect people or keep them apart.

Looking at Chelsea Bridge you see an impressive suspension bridge, built to last with broad footpaths and elegant supports. It connects the North bank with the South bank of the Thames. But there was once a time when crossing the bridge would take you into a different world than that found on the North side. The Power station pumping out its noxious gases.

The south bank was once the poorer end of town but with the increasing search for new homes and the development of old industrial buildings into luxury apartments, times are changing. Chelsea may be seen as the more desirable address but Battersea is rapidly becoming an attractive alternative. So whilst it could once  have been seen as a means to keep a rich elite apart from the unwashed masses? The lines are so blurred now it hardly matters.

Painting of Chelsea Bridge
©2015 – Cathy Read – Chelsea Bridge- Watercolour and Acrylic – 50 x 40 cm

Conquering The Thames divide

With a large river passing through its Centre London has to find a way of crossing it. Boats can be used but are risky and reliant upon being manned. A bridge is infinitely preferable, once constructed becomes like the land and therefore possible to travel without a licence or payment.

With the width of the Thames and the vastness of London many are required to cope with the volume of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian.

And being connected is a good thing. As any commuter trying to get to work or supplier delivering goods.

Class decide is one of my London series, you can check out more in my Portfolio.


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