Cathy Read - Artist - Tower Bridge Working Title - painting

As Yet Untitled – Painting Titles Matter, which is why I take so long to decide.

At the time of writing, this painting has no title. I often reflect on paintings and carry out a free writing session immediately afterwards. Capturing ideas that come to me, as I gaze at the piece.

Sometimes the ideas are purely descriptive. I’m lost in the abstract nature of the painting, how details evolve, evoke associations and ideas. I look at colours and shapes, paint texture and so on.

Other sessions are more philosophical. This painting elicits that reaction. The sun is brilliant in a dramatic sky. It appears star like, and then I correct myself, for it is a star, yet depictions of the Sun are often round circles with perhaps a few rays. These rays are more pointed, like the childish depiction of a star or the geometric figure. This lone star is essential to our existence. We take it for granted on sunny days, and moan about its disappearance when the clouds emerge.

Even the figures in the painting are oblivious to its presence. Old and magnificent. We will never fully appreciate its power. Here, it’s restricted by dark clouds, forcing its light through cracks and then dazzling in its brilliance for a moment, before vanishing more as greyness returns.

We are standing on Tower Bridge looking West. City Hall and the Shard are the only clear landmarks. The rest of the buildings are suggestions of line and colour, square and featureless. A glimpse of the Thames with reflected sunlight across its dappled surface.

Two shadowy figures, deep in conversation occupy the extreme lower left hand corner. Sunlight defining their outlines, colours are distorted and details lost. Even the face we can see is hidden behind sunglasses. Here’s when our imagination can take over.

What’s their story? Why are they here? What are they talking about? Can we hear. if you were standing in this spot, what would you be thinking? What would you do next?

Now for the title, what should I call it? I keep coming back to that star. It’s a lone star, but that’s not the right title.

Friendly star?

Home Star?

Day star?

Our star?

Solitary Star?

Star Light star bright what name will you conjure for me tonight? Lonely starlight? I mean, I may need help.

A star by any other name would light the sky?

In the shadow of starlight?

Dazzled by Starlight?

Cathy Read - Artist - Tower Bridge Working Title - painting
Starlight Day - ©2023 - Cathy Read - Watercolour and acrylic ink - 61 x 45 cm

So, what would you call it?

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