Art on the Fence by Cathy Read walk throughVideo Title

Art on the Fence – the Long Walk Through

It’s Saturday Night Live Art Shows Time again but I thought it was time I shared the long walk through from my Art on the Fence Exhibition. It all seems so long ago and I’d forgotten that I was battling traffic noise from the bypass, but it wasn’t too loud to hear.

Some general photographs mixed in with images of the paintings on display inside. To make up for the video, which I forgot to create.

Will I do another Art on the Fence Exhibition?

Well, yes actually, although I may change the title. As soon as the weather improves and we’re allowed to hold exhibitions again. Hopefully it will be early April 2021, It will be a ticketed event so that I can monitor numbers. I’ll be sending out invitations as soon as I can confirm. I’d love to invite you too.​ Just sign up for my newsletter to receive invitations to events.

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