Gallery: inspiration outside and in?

Do you enjoy visiting a Gallery?

And if you do, what inspires you most, the art…

Or the building?

“Look at lots of art” is the most common Art advice I’m given. Well, besides “keep practicing”!

And it’s true, Artists gain inspiration from visiting Art Galleries. Most frequently this comes from the art they see.

But galleries can be exhibits in their own right.

Take Victorian galleries:

Giant edifices, celebrating the skills of their time.Grand and imposing with a mindboggling degree of decoration.

Contemporary galleries may favour simplicity.

Aiming for a Neutral space, a white box in which the art is allowed to speak for itself. The epitomy of the minimalist ethos.

While others shout “look at me!” to the visitor.

Like The Lowry, in my painting below. Their contemporary architecture attracts a different type of attention. You either love it or hate it. Designed to be noticed and elicit a reaction. It’s bold in its design and internal use of colour, certainly attracted my attention.

©2011- Cathy Read - The Lowry - Mixed Media - 30 x 40 cm
©2011- Cathy Read – The Lowry – Mixed Media – 30 x 40 cm


Whether it’s to your taste or not is a different matter?

Distinctive in it’s canalside location. It’s a landmark and location that the locals should take pride in. The Fountain of Inspiration can be hard to find. I’m all for anything which adds to my Source.

Then there are the Converted spaces

Like the Tate Modern with its vast engine hall dwarfing all but the most impressive of sculptures.

And there are other Galleries out there to inspire you in themselves as well as with the art. I know I haven’t begun to scratch the surface.

So next time you’re in a gallery, look at the architecture as well as the art, you may surprise yourself.

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What can the Olympics teach artists?

Olympians and Artists have more in common than you might think.

I’m not a sports fan but with the Olympics fever gripping the UK. I’m forced to notice sport.

Buoyed along by the fervour and sense of National pride, I’ve even watched parts. The opening ceremony and parts of events.

©2010 Cathy Read - The heart of a nation- Dimensions 28x38 cm - mixed media on paper

The enthusiasm is infectious.

But more than that you are witnessing people at the pinnacle of their careers.

But you don’t just wake up one morning as a Gold medalist!

You might wake up with the vision or dream but it’s only the first step of many. Long hours and punishing training regimes are necessary to become an elite athlete.

Working to achievable goals.

Steps along the path that bring them closer to their ultimate goal. There will be many, many failures along the way. But each goal achieved is a step in the right direction.

And the same is true of an artist.

You may wake up with a dream of what you want to be. But it takes time and training to get there. you need to make steady steps in the right direction. Learning techniques, developing your style. Gaining experience exhibiting and talking about your work. Developing practices. Researching the right opportunities for you. And the list goes on…

Above all you need to develop a positive mental attitude.

To visualise success and focus on your ultimate goal! Fighting past the failures. And there will be many otherwise you’re not taking any risks and risks are necessary for any artist to grow.

So are you inspired by the Olympics?

What will be your “GOLD”?

Can Olympic flames inspire dreams in the disinterested?

Dreams are important…  Vital even.

Nothing was ever achieve that wasn’t someone’s dream!

It’s a sobering thought.

The screen you’re reading this on, the building you’re in, even the chair you’re sitting on.

All were once an idea in somebody’s head.

Today I watched the Olympic flame pass through Buckingham.

Olympic flame passing through Buckingham
Olympic flame passing through Buckingham

The Olympic games don’t interest me much but the flame is a potent symbol of hope and optimism.

Like a Dream, it’s ephemeral and intangible.

It’s fragile…

Easily extinguished

Yet Powerful!

With the potential to travel rapidly and ignite a fire in others.

(If you’ll excuse the old metaphor)

And any athlete will tell you you need to focus to achieve a dream.

To evaluate what you’re doing and need to do to achieve the dream.

Which is what I’m doing. With a spate of exhibitions over, I’m reviewing the situation.

No, the dream hasn’t changed, but I’m aware I need to focus my energies on specific goals

It’s one thing to have a dream, we all have dreams.

But aim to live that dream as well.

So how about you, does the Olympic flame ignite you goals?

Teamwork Lessons in a Music video?

Life’s hectic and sometimes we just need inspiring.

5 people play 1 guitar

Did I mention I’m organising a group Art exhibition in Oxford?

Well, there have been problems.

Nothing major but sometimes a volume of little issues can be overwhelming. And, as a friend, once advised me…

Getting artists to work together can be like herding cats!

They are a lovely bunch of people and it’s an honour to be working with them.

However, the creative personality lends itself to ideas and flights of fancy. And while that’s good…

It needs to be tempered with a healthy dose of practical application and discipline.

Otherwise the dreams will remain just that…


It’s also inevitable that with 11 people working together there will be differences of opinion.

Levels of self belief are another variable.

I could write a whole post on this, but in summary. You must believe what you produce is good. Otherwise, how can you expect to convince anyone else?

Personally, my self belief waxes and wanes.

When everything’s going well I can conquer the earth!

But on a bad day…

Well, everyone’s like that aren’t they?

So when the problems seem overwhelming, I like to look elsewhere for inspiration.

This week a friend introduced me to this video. It’s become an internet phenomenon. And reminds me that some things are really worth the effort.

Firstly I love the song, both original by Gotye and this cover by Walk off the Earth.

But, it’s the ingenuity of this video that really inspiring.

Working with other people on a project is awesome, especially with results like this!

How long did it take them to arrange and rehearse? I don’t know. There must have been some power play for who played/sang which part. After all, they have one instrument and 5 people!

They make it work by turning the restriction into a strength!

I find that very encouraging!

So, what’s inspired you to persevere this week?

Meanwhile, I’m off to harness some co-operative effort and discipline for Oxford…