Sometimes, you just need to play!

I felt like a change today.  I’ve been getting bogged down preparing work for  Buckingham Arts for All –  Competition and Exhibition. So, I took inspiration from the flowers on the table and here they are.

©2009 Cathy Read - Chrysanthemums - 38x28cm - Mixed media on paper
©2009 Cathy Read – Chrysanthemums – 38x28cm – Mixed media on paper SOLD


 Everyone needs some flowers once in a while.

Netted, a study in green.

For my second entry I’m posting this abstract inspired by the sea. Appropriate as I’m exploring new waters…metaphorically speaking.
I’m currently workingon some pictures for the Buckingham Art for All exhibition”reflection”. To be held on 14th and 15th November at Akeley Village Hall, Akeley, Buckinghamshire.

First post!

Artist, blogger and music lover, I enjoy all things creative.

I’ve decided to start an Art Blog – not many of those around…are there? Ha, ha ha.

I’m focusing on my more serious and unusual work. This is one of my abstract pictures, hope you enjoy my work, I certainly enjoy making it.

Copyright CAthy Read Art
Stalemate 2 - Copyright Cathy Read Art