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Broad Street Puddles – Original Painting


Broad Street Puddles – An original painting by Cathy Read. Created in England in 2022.

The painting is 50cm high by 40 cm wide.

The painting includes a certificate of authenticity.

Framing – The painting is currently unframed but framing will be arranged in a white frame with double mount off white and dark grey as an add on item. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this option. Images are for guidance only

Care: Display under glass. Keep painting away from moisture, heat and bright lights or direct sunlight

All copyrights are retained by the artist, and the artwork cannot be reproduced without consent from Cathy Read.

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Broad Street Puddles – Original Painting

About the Image


Three people wander down Broad Street in Oxford, each set on their own individual journey. The two women on the left initially appear to be a couple, but a closer look at their body positions immediately questions to this assumption. They are both masked, which dates the image to the COVID area era and the focus is differ. I feel one is passing the other although which one is moving the fastest is pure speculation.

The scene plays out along one of the widest streets in Oxford, open to traffic, but heavily pedestrianised with pavement cafes near the retail end of the street, an optimistic proposition in the UK. The scene plays out on one of the widest streets in Oxford, open to traffic but heavily pedestrianised with pavement cafes near the retail end of the street. An optimistic proposition in the UK with its usually soggy weather.

Broad Street is home to many famous landmarks the Sheldonian Theatre, Balliol College, Blackwells to name but a few. The architecture, predominantly stone, and far too yellow in this painting than I had initially planned. But sometimes you have to go with it and see what emerges. Most of Oxford University architecture is stone, and if not actually mediaeval in construction is at least inspired by the mediaeval architecture already present, when the building was constructed. (Read More)


Creation: Masking fluid is painted onto watercolour paper to create an image. This is covered with a watercolour wash and covered with clingfilm. The picture is further developed using acrylic inks once the film is removed. The masking is removed after several layers are added and allowed to dry. Revealing the final picture.


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