Decades Apart – Original Painting


Decades Apart is an original picture by Cathy Read. The Mancester Central painting features Beetham Tower in the background.

The image is 50cm high by 40 cm wide. Frame is approximately 68cm high by 58 cm wide.

An original painting “Decades Apart” in watercolour and acrylic ink on textured watercolour paper. The forground building was Manchester Central Railway station

closed in the 1960’s with Mr Beeching’s reforms and left to rot for over a decade. Eventually it was renovated, transforming into the Gmex now Manchester Central. The building in the background is Beetham Tower, a building that attracts attention. Personally I think it looks ready to topple, especially when you look at it end on. Obviously, the architects and engineers knew what they were doing because it hasn’t and it has been there a while now.

Seeing these two buildings adjacent to one another like this I cannot help but draw comparisons. One was a product of 19th Century engineering and the other of their 21st Century counterparts.

Literally Decades apart, yet they could both have been built now.


Decades Apart is sold framed  – White frame with double mount – off white and inner dark grey. Please note, image of painting is in a silver frame. Sample of frame shown in the last image. Painting will be framed to order, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery. For other framing options please contact


The picture is painted on watercolour paper. I start off with a detailed pencil drawing. I then draw over the lines with masking fluid before painting it with a watercolour wash which gets covered with clingfilm. Once this is removed the picture is further developed using acrylic inks which are left to dry before the masking is removed to reveal the final picture.


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