49 50 Paintings Challenge

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Inspired by my Artist friend Alexandra Buckle who did a 50 print challenge in 2017. I decided to embark or my own version of a 50 painting challenge of architectural aspects found on local buildings.

To complete 50 paintings of Architectural Aspects

by 31st December 2018 or..

The 49 50 Paintings Challenge

(for short)

Using  #4950Paintings on Twitter and social media.

About the 49 50 Challenge:

In January 2018 I set myself a challenge to create 50 paintings in a year. All the paintings are/will be 49 sq inches and are of architecture details. All the paintings will be 7″ x 7″ –  that’s 49 square inches. Hence the title 49 50.

I’m keeping them small intentionally with the focus on architectural aspects or details allowing me to bring out the details in the same way I can in my larger paintings..

I’ll be scouting around Buckingham and surrounding area for inspiration.

Each painting will have a working title of a number and description so Number 1 is 1-Clock.  (Including the numbers are in the title allows me to keep tabs on where I am when I do a project of this nature.) I give them all more creative titles as I progress but my first priority is to do the paintings. So 1-Clock now has a title of “Marking Time”

Here’s the first finished piece.

“Marking Time”

©2018-Cathy-Read-1-Clock-Watercolour-and-Acrylic ink painting, Buckingham church, Painting 1 4950 Series, Marking time
©2018-Cathy-Read- Marking Time 1 or 4950 Series


The rest of the paintings will be posted in the gallery once they are completed and included in a blog post.

Here’s the list of Architectural Aspects

I’ll be working systematically through the list, as much as possible. Some features may prove interesting to find so the order might change.

No Architectural Aspect – Title Painted? Location
1 Clock face – “Marking Time”  Yes  Buckingham Parish Church
2 Railings – “Silver Tips”  Yes  Main Street Tingewick
3 drain – “Down the Drain”  Yes  drain outside Buckingham Inn
4 Gate “Chantry Gate”  Yes  Gate to Chantry Chapel
5 Water pump “Gawcott Pump”  Yes  Water pump in Gawcott
6 chimney “Twisted Chimney”   SOLD  Yes  Twisted Chimney, Buckingham
7 Brace “Pattress Plate”  Yes  Cottage on Castle Street
8 door handle “Cottage Latch”  Yes Cottage on Well Street.
9 Balcony “Juliet Balcony”  Yes  Bridge Street shop
10 Street light (wall) “Wall Street Light”  Yes  Market Square
11 Brickwork “Brick Wall”  Yes Cottage on the High Street, Buckingham
12 Tower “Radclive Church Tower”  Yes  Radclive Church
13 Tap “Water Tap”  Yes  Claydon Courtyard
14 Buttress “Vanishing Buttress”  Yes  Maids Moreton Church
15 Gable end “Gable End”  Yes  Well Street School/Centre
16 Handrail “Hand Rail”  Yes  Market Square, Buckingham
17 Arch “Palladian Arch”  Yes  Palladian Bridge at Stowe
18 Door knob – “Door Knob”  Yes Buckingham
19 Stone (lattice) window “Arch Window”  Yes Claydon House
20 Bolt Old Gaol
21 Spiral staircase  Behind Villiers, Buckingham
22 Column Temple at Stowe
23 Bell roof  ?
24 Shop/pub sign  Shop on Well Street
25 Crenellations  Old Gaol
26 Doorstep
27 Stained Glass Window Church Chetwode?
28 Letterbox
29 steps  West End Garage, School Lane
30 Street light (pole) Outside Parish Church, Buckingham
31 Gargoyle  ?
32 Bell  Gate Bell at Stowe
33 Window (wooden or metal)
34 Sundial  Claydon?
35 Stonework
36 Dormer Window
37 door
38 Dome  ? Stowe?
39 Keyhole
40 floor
41 drainpipe
42 Porch
43 tiled roof
44 Fanlight  The Garage, Well Street, Buckingham
45 pipework
46 Thatched Roof detail Mitre Pub?
47 Phone box detail
48 Spire Claydon?
49 Gate latch
50 Signpost Cattle Pens

Some, such as the chimney, I’ve already selected what I’m going to do. Others are to be determined. I’ve a number of images sorted, some I’ve a shortlist but still to make a final decision. Many slots still require filling, the most imminent is a Brace, I know I’ve seen them around, just can’t quite remember where.

The Painting so far…

So, there’s still a chance to influence my work.

If you live near Buckingham and have any suggestions, then please drop me a line using the form below, with the item number and your suggestion. Maybe you’ll inspire me?


Got a suggestion for an architectural aspect for one of the paintings?

I’d love to hear it. Please, let me know in the form below.


What will happen with the paintings?

I’m working out the details but I think a show is the obvious first step, and I should be able to turn them into a book, in due course. After I finish the Tour London in 30 Painting book, that is, as I’ll be needing that for my Solo Exhibition in October. They will be for sale but won’t be available for collection until after the 49 50 Exhibition – Price will be £145 for each painting – includes framing in a white stained wood frame with mount.