Painting of people passing Manchester Central Library on their wy home Heading-home-Past Central-Library-Cathy-Read-42.5-x-59-cm-©2018

Manchester Architecture Paintings

Welcome to my Manchester Paintings.

The Manchester paintings show the city I grew up in as well as the one it has morphed into.

A lover of all architecture I delight in new and quirky constructions.

Buildings are an essential part of life and I believe they can and should be beautiful. Our surroundings influence how we feel. Growing up around Manchester’s Urban Architecture, has shaped my identity. My earliest memories are framed by mills, terraced houses, office blocks and industrial architecture all covered with soot and grime.

How did the Manchester Paintings come about?

After revisiting central Manchester for the first time in 15 years (after the 1996 bombing and subsequent rebuild). I fell in love with the way the whole area has been revitalised. What was once a run-down, drab, busy area full of cars is now a beautiful, thriving environment where people were enjoying life.

In this series I celebrate the exciting structures I find. The fusion of the contemporary with more traditional architecture.

The Manchester paintings show an urban architecture that continues to intrigue me and I want to reflect the modern 21st Century city in my work.

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Thank you for visiting my Manchester architecture paintings and I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy creating them.

Cathy Read






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