Circle Abstract Art

©2012 - Cathy Read - The Perfect Relationship! - Mixed Media - 46x61cm

Although these paintings are circle abstract art they were inspired by psycholigical ideas. Working as an Occupational therapist understanding the psychology involved with illness and development could prove key to helping my clients. Leaving me fascinated with the way individuals interact. Both on a personal and interpersonal level.

Circle Abstract Art can be seen in the same way Psychologists use diagrams extensively to explain how relationships work. This diagrammatic form helps to convey the complexity of the individual. As we progress through life we take on various roles, learn skills and have experiences. All these add up to who we are. They make and shape us.

Different aspects of a person’s character do not exist in isolation which is why I use pattern to convey particular skills and thoughts. Like a pattern is a repetition of a movement or habit. There are different balances of skills (habits) within each of us. These habits although repeated are unique and the movement is never repeated in exactly the same manner. Subtle variations occur with each repetition but overall a character emerges which is unique and individual.

The circle represents the whole person. Concentric layers of circles depict the level of communication with the outside world. Some events and experiences go right to the heart of who we are, others are more superficial. Connections and relationships are shown with overlapping or the lack of.

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