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Chantry Gate – Digital Print.


A limited edition Scinterescent Print of an original painting Chantry Gate by Cathy Read. The print is signed and numbered, with a white mount and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Chantry Gate is the forth of the 4950 Painting Challenge. A Series created in 2018. the print image size is 6.5″ x 6.5″. The mount is 12″ x 12″

This is a digital print copy on watercolour paper.

Edition size 150

Available on backorder

4 Chantry Gate

Print of the 4950 Buckingham Paintings

The Chantry chapel, the oldest building in Buckingham, and a National trust property. There’s much about the building to note what we’re focused on the small gate at the entrance. Behind is the chapel wall and main doorway. The gate leads to steps and a sign cautions us to be careful in wet weather.

What else is there to see? An intriguing piece of ironwork to the left. We want to move the picture so we can look at it so we can bring it into focus but this is not a screen to be moved at our will. What we see is what we allowed to see.
There’s a wealth of colour in the scene. The obvious browns and yellows of the stonework, turning to bright pinks and mossy greens. Splashes of purple with frost like textures act as highlights over the subdued underlying colours, muted greens and browns.

The strong lines of the gate, railings and wall on the left contrast against the confusing jumble of squiggles that define, no suggest, the chapel wall. It’s ancient structure has been seen the surrounding town changed beyond recognition. A building with a noble background usurped for a wooden gate. A relative a temporary structure and one which will be out lived by the permanent stone of the past. A structure which, despite its use of more temporary materials, has a simple rustic charm no airs or graces just a plain, functional gate.

4 Chantry Gate Print – the forth of the 4950 Paintings. A hidden gate features in this print of a Buckingham painting by Cathy Read, The original created as part of a 50 painting challenge.

The digital print is signed and is presented in a single off white mount ready to fit a standard 12″ x 12″ frame of your choice. (Frame not included) Includes a certificate of authenticity.


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