Cathy Read draws with masking fluid to create distinctive mixed media paintings inspired by urban architecture. Much of her work is of Manchester and London. She is a published author and her book, "The Milton Keynes Project" is available on Amazon

©2015 - Cathy Read - Corporation Street Bridge - Watercolour and Acrylic - 39 x 29 cm

Corporation Street Bridge – Meditation

The Corporation Street painting feels ethereal. The bridge and buildings, either side are solid enough, but a feeling of transience pervades the scene. People, only slightly outlined, walk the streets as mere dark colour blocks. Present in spirit, but ill-defined. Those across the road are even less defined. Corporation Street Devastation The street is a …

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Painting of a Shop to Let in Oxford by Cathy Read selected for SWA Exhibition

Announcement – Paintings Accepted for 261st Annual SWA Exhibition

Paintings accepted for the 261st SWA Exhibition Delighted to announce that these paintings have been selected for the 261st annual SWA Exhibition. Deep Dark Lock ©2021 – Cathy Read -Watercolour and acrylic ink – 76x56cm The three selected are certainly colourful and two include people. I’ve been focusing on adding more figures to my paintings. …

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Urban painting of an ambulance called Emergency Run by Cathy Read ©2016 watercolour and acrylic ink painting

Everyday Drama in an Urban Painting

Speeding through the City Street. An ambulance on an emergency run dominates this urban painting. The bright yellow and blue vehicle hurtles past, on the opposite carriageway, heading to a shout. Its yellow paintwork reflecting on the surrounding walls. Although it doesn’t seem to hurry at all, does it? Frozen in time, it’s ever on …

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