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13 Water Tap – Original Painting


The Original Painting 13 Water Tap is of at tap in the Courtyard at Claydon House near Buckingham. The painting is signed and framed in white painted wood, with a double mount off white on top of black mount. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

About the Picture

Water Tap is the Thirteenth of the original 4950 Paintings. A Series created by Cathy Read in 2018 as part of a challenge to create 50 paintings of architectural details on buildings in Buckingham and surrounding villages. No building was used twice and no feature repeated unless there was a distinguishing characteristic of the feature. Cathy Read retains all copyrights as the artist, and this artwork cannot be reproduced without written consent from Cathy Read.

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About the painting
13 Water Tap

Tucked away in a corner of the Claydon Estate Courtyard, you will find this simple tap. It’s inexpensive, brass and functional. In the grandeur of its setting, it is invisible and yet essential.

I see this tap and the symbolism it conveys.. It’s a everyday water tap and that says that all. Water is essential. There is a worldwide campaign to provide clean water to every single person on the planet. It’s one of the basic human needs, along with food and shelter. It’s a necessary for all life. See the green areas of the painting? Even when we create areas of hard brick and path, life will find a way if water is present.

There’s a hose strapped to the pipe. We can’t see where it leads but we know the types of functions it could be for, washing, watering plants or drinking. Water is even used in the construction of the buildings around it.

The tap is set against an orange/red background. The wall reflecting colours associated with heat and fire. Look closely to see the textures and patterns on the wall and tap. Notice how the lines and cross hatching are used to create the shape of the tap and the hose pipe.



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