Magenta Marvel – Original Painting


Magenta Marvel – An original acrylic painting on stretched canvas by Cathy Read. Created in England in 2021.

The painting is 100cm high by 110 cm wide and 1.5cm deep and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Framing – The painting is unframed. Images are for guidance only

Care: Display under glass. Keep painting away from moisture, heat and bright lights or direct sunlight

All copyrights are retained by the artist, and the artwork cannot be reproduced without consent from Cathy Read.

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Magenta Marvel – Original Painting


About the Image

During Lockdown I began experimenting with acrylic inspired by a series of shape experiments I’ve been completing in my sketchbooks. Initially intended as an exploration of shape and pattern, they evolved into a new way of working. Inspired by a trip to the Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum these paintings became the Harmony Patterns series, a new body of work inspired by the history of mark making and it’s connection to our common inheritance. How common graphic motifs emerge in art and are defined and refined by cultural influences. They have a primitive feel and use a bold, limited colour palette.


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