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40 Shop Floor – Original Painting


Shop Floor is the Fortieth of the 4950 Paintings. The image is of a mosaic floor inside a shop premises of Bridge Street in Buckingham. The painting is signed and framed in white painted wood, with a double mount off white on top of black mount. Includes a certificate of authenticity.


About the Picture
Shop Floor is the Fortieth of the 4950 Challenge. A Series created in 2018 as part of a challenge to create 50 paintings of architectural details on buildings in Buckingham and surrounding villages. No building was used twice and no feature repeated unless there was a distinguishing characteristic of the feature.

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40 Shop Floor

There was a lot of masking required for this one. You can see the lines, faintly. The circle, a letter T and 1901 surrounded by a Greek style tile pattern demand attention. The circle is really a letter O and with the letter T stand for Thomas Osbourn The man who owned the building on Bridge Street where you can find this. The date marks when his business was founded.

The masking restricts the texture developing but the door is less constrained, permitting the inks to granulate and form a speckled pattern. The Greek key pattern borders the mosaic floor giving the impression of a picture frame tilted away from you. The olive green and earth colours reflect the outdoors. A fitting image for a portal to a business.

At the time of creation the building was occupied by Secret Messages Interiors. It’s currently unoccupied, but hopefully not for long.


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