Painting Creation Time Lapse Of Charing Cross Station

Charing Cross Creation video title

Charing Cross Station is the subject of this painting creation time lapse video. It shows the evolution from white page with yellowed masking to full colour picture of a London street.

Whilst the video shows that the lost transient stages are just as interesting as the finished art. The goal is always the completed original art. Here’s a still of the Charing Cross Station for you to look at in detail. You can learn more about the image in my blog post about it. The painting is currently part of an online exhibition by the Society of Women Artists.

Painting of the back of Charing Cross Station coming up from the Underground - ©2019 Cathy Read 76 x 56 cm with painting creation time lapse video
Charing Cross Station – ©2019 Cathy Read 76 x 56 cm

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