Painting of the South Bank – City Hall

Painting of the South Bank of the Thames in London featuring City Hall - ©2019 Cathy Read 76 x 56 cm

City Hall, is a curious structure. Like an alien helmet, or Eygptian one maybe, squatting in this painting of the south bank of the Thames. Set apart in a space of its own. It needs space, so that you can appreciate its outline and shape. Glorious glass, reflecting light everywhere. Jewelled colours sparkle here and there. The colours exaggerated, but present. The diamond patterns at the front, draw focus, created by the supports. The layers of Windows draw lines around the shape, leading the eye to the diamond pattern at the centre front. Here it’s on our left but the shapes leave us in no doubt, this is the centre. Like a hoard of arrows pointing to the way in.

In the foreground a gantry slopes down to the left, waiting to take people on a journey. Where might it go and on which boat. A glimpse is all we have are the River Thames, hidden behind the gantry. The riverbank exposed is rough and stony a high wall fronts. The South Bank itself. Blooms of earthy colours remind me of moss and slime found on rocks.

The South Bank is busy. Crowds mill around some chatting, while others are admiring the view. Small groups in a variety of poses. Heading upstairs, consulting phones, waiting for friends. They appear antlike from this distance. Scurrying around enjoying leisure time by the river, some working, perhaps.

What else do you see happening in the painting South Bank City Hall?

Painting of the South Bank of the Thames in London featuring City Hall - ©2019 Cathy Read 76 x 56 cm
South Bank City Hall – ©2019 Cathy Read 76 x 56 cm

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