Close up of Green Roof abstract painting

Hot Tin View Video Close up of the Green Roof abstract painting inspired by the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Still photography never captures the full depth of any painting, so here’s some video to show you what it’s really like to get close and personal with a work of art, in this case a Green roof abstract painting which is beside what looks like a vertical wall of molten lava.

Here’s the painting Hot Tin View in all its glory.

Green Roof abstract painting of the Royal exchange Theatre costume store and Crowne Plaza Hotel in ManchesterHot Tin View -©2012 Cathy Read - Watercolour and acrylic ink - 40x50cm
Hot Tin View – ©2012 – Cathy Read -Mixed Media on paper – 40x50cm
Green Roof abstract painting called Hot Tin View by Cathy REad

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