Rainy reflections at St Pancras

Painting of a London Street by St Pancras Station with puddles, a bus and figures walking with reflections in the puddles.

The more I look at St Pancras Reflections, the more I feel that I’m looking at a mirage. Shimmering, rainy reflections caused by the zigzag lines. There’s plenty of colour, but the effect is ephemeral and spirit like. That sense of the image disappearing into the ether, and leaving you looking at a cloud, a very dark, fiery cloud.

For it is a dark painting. In the distance the road curves to the right. There’s a blue van, or is it a people carrier, waiting to turn right.The corner of St Pancras station’s on the right. White details suggest features in the shadows. There’s some form, but it’s far from solid, even with the depths of colour used.

A figure emerges in the darkness. His hands stuffed in his pockets, head down, focused on where he’s headed, and nothing else. He walks close to the wall, perhaps it’s an attempt to seek shelter from the rain. For it has been raining heavily.

The central figure is more relaxed. He holds a broken umbrella, and is looking off to his right ahead. Oblivious to the long reflections he casts in the rain soaked pavement behind. Elsewhere are more rainy reflections of traffic and streetlights, the former mirroring jewel like lights in an otherwise dull world.

Although that’s not true. Is it? It’s rainy reflections are far from dull.

There’s a bus, a large red London bus. A warm wall of crimson and maroon, casting its reflection on the dark road and pavement. The windows, indigo almost black, hide the vehicles occupants. No doubt thankful of the shelter they enjoy. Hoping the rain will end, before they’re required to leave the sanctuary, and finish the journey on foot. Memories of buses on days like these come to mind. Full of people standing dripping, with steamed glasses and subdued faces. The air damp and full of muted conversations. About being drenched or just catching the bus before the downpour.

Talking of sounds, I can hear the hiss of the wheels rolling on wet roads, the hum of traffic. The slapping of feet in puddles, some quick, some slow. Muttered frustrations of people at the crossing ahead. Praying for the lights to change so that they can get out of the rain. Rainy days like these make people feel isolated. They focus inward and on where they are going. They may be aware of their surroundings, but they don’t take them in. Not in the same way, they do when the sun is shining.

Painting of a London Street by St Pancras Station with puddles, a bus and figures walking with reflections in the puddles.
St Pancras Reflections- ©2020 – Cathy Read – Watercolour and Acrylic – 40 x 50 cm

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