Marylebone painting – The Journey Begins

Marylebone painting from ©2012 - Cathy Read - The journey begins- Mixed media -76x56cm

The Journey Begins is the thought behind this Marylebone painting. Wherever we go we start from somewhere. Stations are the beginning of many a journey, from a short hop to a nearby town or city, to the epic adventure or travelling around the world.

Life is a journey is a phrase often heard. The importance is not necessarily the destination, but what happens along the way. I could become metaphorical here, but I’ll try and stay in the real world.

Here we have a train, waiting to depart from Marylebone Station. The doors are open, so it’s not quite ready to move, but for how long? We don’t know where the train is destined, but we could have fun imagining the many locations it might end the voyage.

The beauty of art is when we interact with it. I may have created this painting, but every person who looks at it will see something different. At the point you see it, it will become your Marylebone Painting. Other people may share how you see it, but their vision won’t be quite the same as yours..

What do you think is happening with the group of railway workers standing around? One is engaged talking to passengers, what could that be about? Where are they headed, what are they talking about?

The other two workers are otherwise occupied are they idle or otherwise engaged. Are their any clues?

Asking questions about this Marylebone painting featuring the London Station in all its glory. ©2012 - Cathy Read - The journey begins- Mixed media -76x56cm
©2012 – Cathy Read – The journey begins- Mixed media -76x56cm

Asking questions like these helps you see more in a painting, and I haven’t even begun to talk about the buildings.

The Journey Begins is not the only painting I’ve created of Marylebone Station, you can see my other London Paintings in my portfolio.

Curious to see more London Paintings?

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