Abstract architecture painting of the Week – Inner Structure of an Idea

Abstract painting inspired by the architecture of the Gherkin, London. ©2012 - Cathy Read - The Inner Structure of an Idea- Mixed media -76x56cm

Inner Stucture of an idea is my first attempt at a painting this size. It was a pivotal moment when I realised I needed to go large. Looking at abstract architecture painting, it’s tempting to wonder where it is. Speculation is fun but that would diminish the picture’s value.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes, it’s a case of looking where you’re not expected to. Good architecture covers design from all angles and the Gherkin is a fine example of the importance of where you look. Cubes are easy, add another block. Curved triangular constructions require more creativity. This view is within the Gherkin structure, looking up in the entrance. Its sections and shapes are unique and come together in a delightful way. The angles and curves working together and creating something more.

An abstract architecture painting can be recognisable, it depends how abstract you want to go. I chose this close in view becuse it’s Distictive and intriguing. Does it matter that it’s part of a building? I’d say no. It may help to retain a sense of the place. It may even help you understand it, but knowing will restrict your interpretation. Block you from seeing something other, something more profound.

Abstract architecture painting inspired by the Gherkin, London. ©2012 - Cathy Read - The Inner Structure of an Idea- Mixed media -76x56cm
©2012 – Cathy Read – The Inner Structure of an Idea- Mixed media -76x56cm

So now you know what it is, forget about it. Look at it as a series of shapes and colours and ask yourself, what do I see? Are your thoughts rooted in the architecture? Do you see other objects? Or maybe you see emotions or an idea? Give yourself permission to wonder and let your imagination go.

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