36 Dormer Window Painting meditation

Painting of roof windows in Buckingham36 Dormer Windows - Cathy Read - ©2018-Watercolour-and-Acrylic-17.8x17.8cm

36 Dormer Window Painting

Another busy scene, the dormer windows are at the centre set into the roof. There’s a sense of antiquity about the building. It’s been here a long time. A calmness pervades, this unhurried aspect may be because they are upper rooms, probably bedrooms. The windows take up a fraction of the space. Chimneys tower behind as you follow the pitch of the red tile roof to its apex. The chimneys, crowned with little round terracotta pots. Almost as common as the bricks below and typical of chimneys everywhere.

The red, earthy hues of the roof are interrupted by sepia patches and raw sienna highlights. A streak of bright yellow transects the scene, the side of a wall at the end a building where the roof level drops significantly. Traces of aerials hidden among the chimneys are the only indication that this is a contemporary view, not an idyllic image of days of yore.

A zigzag of cerulean blue appears to have been spray painted across the heavens. One last trace of colour on an otherwise grey sky.

Painting of roof windows in Buckingham36 Dormer Windows - Cathy Read - ©2018-Watercolour-and-Acrylic-17.8x17.8cm
36 Dormer Windows – Cathy Read – ©2018

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