Toast Rack Painting

Painting of the Hollings Building ManchesterToast Rack Towers ©2018 Cathy Read - Watercolour and acrylic ink - 28x38cm

The Toast Rack Painting

Another item of Mancunian heritage. Once part of the university, now facing a new future as what? Time will tell. It’s future is secured whatever they decide to do with It The Hollings building, affectionately known as the Toast rack, has a distinct Arches spanning the roof. The reason for the nickname, giving strength and structure, and an air of Personalit,y to what is otherwise a functional building.

The Crumpled Skies morph into bold graffiti -like, dappled strokes. In the Toast rack painting, textures transform into other textures. The colours are constrained, behaving themselves and sticking within the boundaries for the most part. There’s a patch of errant green/blue which seems to defy gravity in its bid for freedom. The tendrils of colour, that do escape, dance in the sky, looking for a home.

In the foreground is a sign. Unreadable, you wonder what it says? The building besides the Toast rack show signs of neglect with paint peeling from the windows contrasting with the clean lines and clear reflections of the Toast rack itself.

Painting of the Hollings building in Manchester - ©2018-Cathy-Read-Toastrack-Towers-Watercolour-and-acrylic-ink-

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