Painting of the Irwell in Manchester, art meditations

Irwell Reflections - Cathy Read - Watercolour and acrylic ink - ©2019

Dwarfed among the towers sits the historic Cathedral in this painting of the Irwell in Manchester. Dark colouring in stark contrast to the golds, ochres, pinks and purples of the dwellings to the right.

Apartment blocks tower either side of the ancient River Irwell. Imperfect reflections on its rippling surface as the waters pass through. Momentarily casting the colour of the city back on itself. The low sun bathes a honey glow on all it touches. Dark shadows making myriad colours also contrast the brilliant highlights.

The single tower of the Lowry Hotel disappears beyond the top of the painting. As does the building that mirrors it

The cool waters of River Irwell are inviting and who knows how deep. Its rich, deep colours break up the shadows. The area is dark, but manages to alude to a further depth of colour not visible in the photograph but very much present in the original scene.

Stare at water, even murky waters and shapes emerge from the darkness. Images are fathomed in the depths, often shapes of rocks, fishes and plants but at other times when darkness is strong, our imagination complete what our eyes cannot see. City rivers are sadly often polluted with bikes and shopping trollies, amongst other things, but this stretch is clear.

Able to bring life to the heart of the great city.

Painting of the Irwell in Manchester Irwell Reflections by Cathy Read - Watercolour and acrylic ink - ©2019
Irwell Reflections – Cathy Read – Watercolour and acrylic ink – ©2019

This painting of the Irwell in Manchester is the latest in my Manchester paintings. See more on my portfolio page.

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