Blues and twos meditation – Painting of a Fire Engine .

Fire engine painting, ©2015 - Cathy Read -Blues and Twos - Watercolour and Acrylic - 28x38cm 600

Rounding the corner by Warren Street station, a fire engine leans – the only indication of its speed in this snapshot of time. In this painting of a fire engine, you cannot hear the sirens blaring or see the blue lights flashing, but you know the drill. Once they receive a shout that there’s an emergency the blues and twos are put on and they’re off as quickly as they can go. To whatever the emergency might be. In a city as large as London it’s a common sight and one with all rather see less frequently when we consider what they might be headed to. For the people whose lives will be altered by whatever situation they might find themselves in.
It’s time to count your blessings and hope that this is the closest you’ll ever come to needing their services.
There’s a romance about fire engines that taps into a primitive need. Children love to see flashing blue lights and look to see where they are when they hear the sirens wailing. We all need our heroes.

In the background of this painting of a fire engine is the BT Tower. Or the Post Office Tower as it was originally known, and I’m showing my age now. It’s an odd shaped Building and by far the tallest in the immediate area. Although not in London itself.

©2015 - Cathy Read -Blues and Twos - Watercolour and Acrylic - 28x38cm Painting of a Fire Engine
Blues and Twos – ©2015 – Cathy Read -Watercolour and Acrylic – 28x38cm

Blues and Twos is one of my London Paintings, you can see more of them in my London portfolio..

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