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Painting of Haymarket Corner London - Cathy-Read- ©2018-Watercolour and Acrylic-40x 50cm - £577

The Haymarket painting meditation

Talking about the art one creates can be hard. In 2018 I began to spend tine reflecting on my paintings, which has evolved into a ritual. The following is my meditation on Haymarket Corner, a painting that was finished in 2018. Beginning with the image, it quickly goes off track

Wild watercolour meets controlled city.

You can’t control watercolour when painting, you can only persuade it to go in a direction, you then pray it will be obedient. Usually, it does its own thing and you end up with something better, if you’re lucky and sometime not, if you aren’t. Often times you need to resort to plan B.

You’re looking up at a corner of Haymarket House in London. Features, such as the shapes of these windows create places where contrast dominate the Haymarket painting. The architecture comprises clean symmetrical and simple lines. Whilst there is decoration, it’s geometric and elegant. Control and order prevail.

Yet, compare the painting itself and a myriad of colours vying for attention and space on the page. Ink trails break away from the roof. Spots of vibrant pink and purple burst forth in apparent randomness. Bold dark ink lines snake their way down windows and underneath the window arch.

Within the ordered architecture is the Comedy Store, free thinking comedy, at times unpredictable and out of control. a bit like how watercolours react on my Haymarket painting.

Above an orb of blue sky with radiating clouds hinting at finer weather. All is well in the world and the people walking through the Haymarket. They may be lost in their thoughts or gaze up to see buildings that have been part of historical events for decades, and feel a sense of stability. But as they enter the Comedy Store, who knows what challenges they may confront. The Haymarket inspires again.

Painting of Haymarket Corner London - Cathy-Read- ©2018-Watercolour and Acrylic-40x 50cm - £577
Haymarket-Corner – October – Cathy-Read- ©2018-Watercolour and Acrylic-40x 50cm – £577

The Haymarket Corner Painting was created during my demonstration at the Mall Galleries in September 2018. Want to see the paintings in real life or watch me create my paintings, check out the exhibitions and up coming events here.

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