45 Pipework Sculpture or creative Plumbing?

I shall be flabbergasted if anyone can tell me where this pipework sculpture is. It’s behind shops somewhere in central Buckingham, that’s all I can really tell you without being exact.

These pipes don’t seem to have been planned but added as required, giving them an organic feel. I can imagine them being added over the years as new amenities were added inside the building. The plumber carefully planning how to do the job. Or maybe there was a creative plan in action? Whatever the history, it’s a charming little pipework sculpture.

Painting of pipework against a wall in Buckingham
45 – Pipework Sculpture – Cathy Read – ©2018 Watercolour and Acrylic – 17.8×17.8cm – £230

Answer: Painting 44 is the Fanlight on The Garage on Well Street, Buckingham

Number 45 Pipework is part of Cathy Read’s 4950 series.

Find out more about the 49 50 Challenge and the Exhibition in April 2019

Exhibition of art by Cathy Read's 4950 Painting Series Exhibition poster
Exhibition of art by Cathy Read’s 4950 Painting Series Exhibition poster

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