This Spiral staircase is somewhere in Buckingham.

21-Spiral-Staircase- Cathy-Read- ©2018 - Watercolour-and-Acrylic-17.8x17.8cm

Wandering around Buckingham, you may notice these from my 21 4950 image – a Spiral Steps Painting . They’re not in a prominant location, but hidden around the back. look carefully as you walk about and you’ll see them easily.

Here they are as a work in progress.

21 Spiral Staircase ©2018 - Cathy Read -  Watercolour and Acrylic - 17.8x17.8cm
21 Spiral Staircase ©2018 – Cathy Read – Watercolour and Acrylic – 17.8×17.8cm

You can just make out the shape.

Can you guess where it is from the blurry paint effects? I’ll be seriously impressed if you can, so…

Here’s the finished painting to give you a chance.

21-Spiral-Staircase- Cathy-Read- ©2018 - Watercolour-and-Acrylic-17.8x17.8cm- £154
21-Spiral-Staircase- Cathy-Read- ©2018 – Watercolour-and-Acrylic-17.8×17.8cm- £154

And finally a clue.

You’ll find us in the shade of the Glittering waterfowl.

I’ll share where it is in my next post, tomorrow. Keep a lookout for it.

Curious about the 49 50 Painting Challenge.

#4950Paintings Challenge

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