Meditating on Admiralty Arch Painting

Painting of Admiralty Arch with cars, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians©2016-Cathy-Read-Admiralty-Arch-Watercolour-and-Acrylic-40-x-50-cm

At the top of the Mall (or is it the bottom?) stands Admiralty Arch.

Resplendent with the Royal Navy white ensign flags – all 8 of them. Historic British architecture at its best.

Looking at the painting the features are clear but, on closer inspection, details begin to merge with one another.

The arch itself dominates, so large it hardly fits and onto the page. There’s a metaphor there somewhere. The busy road is at a standstill, the only thing moving are pedestrians and cyclists. So typical of London traffic or so it seems at times. 

Three cyclist can be found but the third is hard to make out, blending in with a line of cars, many of them taxies. Ochre and brown colours predominate. Crowned with a strip of bright blue sky with spots of red on the flags and bikes. More colour in the cyclists yellow high-visibility jacket and the woman’s purple dress and notice the bright blue in the bottom left. Catch it at the right angle and you’ll make out iridescence in the electric blue cars and the cyclists striped jumper.
With thick black ink sitting above the page, forming shiny embossed lines and squiggles that provide definition and depth. Black marks pick out features such as the railings and lamp posts. Although one post has been missed in the painting process. I decided to leave it as it is given how busy the painting is and it is busy isn’t it?

Painting of Admiralty Arch with cars, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians©2016-Cathy-Read-Admiralty-Arch-Watercolour-and-Acrylic-40-x-50-cm-£577
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