London Eye Painting – Meditating on art.

©2017 - Cathy Read -Painting of the London Eye- 91x61 cm - Acrylic on paper on board

This London Eye Painting shouts at you.

Standing before this London Eye Painting, you cannot ignore it. The feeling of size, demands attention. There is an instant “Look at me!” sense as the image burns itself on your consciousness.

This is no subtle piece.

The strong colours and complex textures call for your attention. There’s energy and movement. Orange and red tails snake their way up the paper. As you look deeper, you see the tension in the cables holding the wheel’s shape. The shape of a wheel is obvious but there’s a seemingly upright section that’s fighting to stretch itself forward. To uncoil itself from captivity and forge a new path.

The cars themselves are bold and detailed lower down but their size and definition vanish and merge with a massive structure of the wheel as they trail into the distance. Their passengers lost in the shadows as night folds in, obscuring the surroundings.

The contrast highlighted by the myriad lights adorning the glowing wheel. It’s delicate structure criss-crosses its way upward, in an arc of optimism. The dark base sets off brilliant colours and elegant structures with earthy solid tones that speak of strength and dependability. A marriage between masculine and feminine strength. The strength of solid heavy weight next to the that of structure and unity. These individual components working together to form a strong and dependable Ferris wheel. Each part would fail on its own but, together, they provide strength and beauty. A fine example of how the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

©2017 - Cathy Read -Painting of the London Eye- 91x61 cm - Acrylic on paper on board
London Eye – ©2017 – Cathy Read – 91×61 cm – Acrylic on paper on board – £1498

This one needs to be seen in real life.

London Eye will be part of my upcoming solo exhibition in October

Take a Trip to Marylebone Exhibition at The Stables Claydon Courtyard

Find out more here.

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